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  • I’m not crafty?  Will this be another craft fail?
    No way! Zero craft skills are no problem here. Trust us, picking out a wine and appetizers to bring with you is harder than crafting at the Painted Plank. This is a no fail space. We will walk you through the steps to create your personalized sign and guide you through the options and color palate. No craft skill necessary, this is fool proof!
  • I’d like to book a private party?  How do I do it and what are the fine details?
    If you would like exclusive rights to the studio, you will need to book a party guaranteeing 16 people. We will send you a link to share with your friends after you secure your event date. Facebook invites is a great way to invite and track who is attending your event. If for some reason you need an accurate head count from us of who is registered, feel free to shoot us an email and we can send you a list of attendees who have completed their reservations.
  • Wait, I don’t want to book the whole place, but I’d like to reserve more than one spot at once? How do I do that?"
    You can book a table or two. If you have an idea of how many friends you would like to reserve for you can book by multiples of 4-6 and we will reserve the table for you. Contact us at
  • What is the deadline for booking a spot in your studio?
    We need 3 days prior to the event to create your personalized sign. We will close out each event 36 hours prior to. If you are a procrastinator, feel free to give the studio a call and we can try and make it happen for you if there are any spots open.
  • I’m booked and paid for but can’t make the event?  Can I get my money back?
    Unfortunately, due to the personalized nature of our products and stencils we can’t refund if you cancel within 5 days of the event.
  • What kind of projects can I make??
    Please see our Galleries.
  • How long does it take to build a sign?
    Depending on the complexity or simplicity of the design, about 2-3 hours.
  • Can we bring food?
    Of course, you can bring food! As this is a workshop, our recommendation would be finger foods. We have a nice buffet for you to set your spread, napkins, plates and cups on. We also have a mini fridge to chill the adult beverages.
  • Do you serve drinks?
    Sorry, we do not, but we do allow for BYOB (Bring your own bottle). Beer and wine only. Please drink responsibly!! You bring the Sips & Snacks … We do the rest!
  • Why do I have to select a project before I arrive?
    Since our projects are personalized, we need advanced time to prepare your custom stencil.
  • Does the studio smell like paint?
    No way!! We love the earth and chose all high quality eco-friendly, zero voc, no odor stains and paints.
  • Can I do a custom design?
    Yes, we love customer designs. If you can slightly tweak one of our premade designs, there will be no charge to change a small detail or two. If you would like a totally unique design crafted, there is a $25 design fee. We can discuss the details you desire and we will send you proofs for approval.
  • Do you offer fundraiser workshops?
    We LOVE to give back to our community! Please keep the Painted Plank Studio in mind for your fundraisers, available to any 501 3 c organization. Please contact us to discuss private use of the studio and your ideas for your event. Call 203-209-7799 or email
  • Do you offer team building and corporate events?
    Yes, we love to host teams! Please contact us to discuss private use of the studio and your ideas for your event. Call 203-209-7799 or email
  • How do I sign up for a workshop, private or open?"
    Please see the Book Now link on the home page banner. There are step by step instructions under each type of event.
  • When should I arrive for my workshop?
    We suggest that you arrive 10-15 minutes prior to the workshop. This allows time for set up of your beverages and snacks, time to say your hellos to everyone and time to get settled at your table and seat.
  • What if I am late for my workshop?
    We strongly suggest that you arrive on time and are not late for your workshop. Our instructors provide step by step instructions on your project. You don’t want to have to play catch up while everyone is moving on to the next step. We appreciate your promptness! Please call us if ann unexpected delay arises. We will try our best to accommodate. 203 209 7799
  • Do I need to choose my paint and stain colors at registration?
    No, you get to choose your stain and paint choices in the studio. We have tons of choices for you!
  • Do I need to bring supplies to the workshop?
    No, we provide all the supplies you will need to create your one of a kind personalized product while having fun.
  • Is there a Minimum age for attendees?
    For our workshops, unless otherwise stated, the minimum age is 16 years and older. We plan on scheduling upcoming fun filled events customized for kids. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for upcoming kids events.
  • I’d like to order a completed sign, is that possible?"
    Absolutely, we would be happy to create a one of a kind personalized sign for you. We have so many creative options to choose from. Just browse through our Gallery of signs, choose one and contact us with the name and number of your design. We can discuss the details you desire and we will send you proofs for approval. All signs must be paid in advance. Please contact us at 203 209 7799 or email
  • What is your bad weather policy?
    Our first concern is for the safety of our instructors and guests. When weather is an issue, please check for weather alert updates on our Facebook page and check your email. We will send an email to all attendees to notify you of any closing. If you need to reschedule due to weather, just give us a call or shoot us an email and we’ll be happy to work with you to reschedule you or your party for an alternate date. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer refunds due to weather related circumstances.
  • Where do I park?
    There is plenty of parking outside of our studio. Feel free to use the parking in the adjacent building if we are at capacity.
  • Do you have a Customer loyalty program?
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